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The night owl research programme was ready to go and about to seek grants and sponsors in March 2020 when it was halted by COVID 19.

The project was designed to study vibrant and non-vibrant night precincts and try to create a model of the dynamic factors involved ( or not).

The initial pilot was to be in Sydney Australia and review key precints:

Argyle St, The Rocks: The iconic and historic Rocks holds many precincts including Argyle Street. Focusing on the Argyle Pub and the associated activities.

Angel Place: An exciting lane way enclave including The Sydney Recital Hall , food and beverage and night club providers, this precinct has a mix of event and night club culture.

El Alamein Fountain Kings Cross: The historical entertainment precinct is known world wide, the end of the main strip hosts an historic fountain, a park and a police station. A mix of excitement , dispossession and homelessness.

Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo: Featuring the backdrop of this historical precinct along with Harry’s Café De Wheels and the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel it features multi-million harbour apartments and a multi-layered society with its own difficulties.

Each precinct has it own diverse offerings and we deliberately chose those which have dead spots in them as well as areas that are effected by disadvantage. The concept was that we should not only idolise the higher end precincts like Angel Place and ignore the simple wonder of Harry’s cafe de Wheels type offerings.

Night Owl Research Flyer


In the lead up to 2021 however we are re-activating the project. Stay tuned to our blog articles.

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